About Jeraldine

A Life Outside the Box

Life is not a boring straight path. It is exciting. Exhilarating.

That's what occurred to me as I relaxed on a bench one morning on my 19th birthday. Maybe it was a mixed feeling of anxiety and thrill of being in the final teenage year that had led me to reflect and ponder on questions. Questions about myself, my relationships, my plans, my faith...

It was the time that I decided to tell my inner baby to grow up, step out of its crib, feel life's breeze, face its strikes...

Now I am almost in my twentieth year, and life has already let me taste a colorful bit of it--- the occasional shares of sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, saltiness, and even surprising twists. And all of these have defined the way I am now, and will continue to define me for the years to come.

Now I'm still on the track to maturity; maturity in far more important aspects than what the eyes can see. Because I want to live life beyond the usual standards and everyday routines. I want to see more of it. I want to rediscover it.

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