Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Live Love Serve

Live Love Serve

Hi! As you can see, this is my first blog. Hooray! Anyway, I just made this blog to have a somewhat "online diary" about my thoughts and opinions on things inclined particularly in the woman's emotional aspects. 
You see, we women are especially delicate yet strong creatures. We easily love, believe, hope and even get hurt. I am very amazed on how intuitive we can be. As I noticed in my past experiences, I always made these accurate and sometimes scary predictions on the things that could happen as well as the feelings of most people surrounding me. And you know what, I'm right in most scenarios. But I later realize that I don't possess any supernatural power-----I just can predict because I'm a woman (thank God I'm not strange)!!! Being sensitive is just one of those various and unique skills specifically bestowed to us. So smile, stand straight and hold your head high and make a mark to the world for we are gifted creations of the great someone above.

PS: Feel free to leave your responds and suggestions.

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