Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nature's Mysterious Beauty

 Nature is oh-so Stunning

Last December, my friends and I decided to have a get-together party before we leave for Christmas. We then chose this Tinago waterfalls near our place as a venue. Though I nowadays live in an area blessed with nature's gift of water recreations, it's not frequent that I get to visit those amazing spots.

Tinago falls is about a 1-hour jeep ride from the heart of our city plus a 20-minute walk down the very steeped stairs. The journey to the falls was quite exhausting and time-consuming, which gives reasons to why it's called "Tinago", a Bisayan word for hidden. But still, the effort is worth it, very very worth it. Here are some of the pictures while we were there.

We rode a bamboo boat to the mouth of the falls

Nature is truly amazing

Deep Blue-green water.
And I saw this full-bloomed flower somewhere

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